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Matlab Send Email

I have interesting with how to send email from Matlab. This is a simple code how to send email from Matlab using Yahoo mail. You can change the host server name and port to other if want use other email host. Try to search at search engine to get smtp and port from other email.

Matlab make axes invisible

I have created a simple GUI using GUIDE Matlab. My gui have an axes toolbox. I want to hidden this toolbox when the first time program running. I have set the property using command : set(handles.axes1,'visible','off'); But, the axes toolbox still showed. This code success when applied in other toolbox (panel, edittext, etc). After searching,

Matlab Call Subroutine Function

This is my notes about how Matlab call subroutine. We could make them all static methods on a utility class. The functions will be globally referenceable by name, but you only need to manage one M-file. Please look at my sample code : classdef test_toto methods (Static) function [a1] = test1_toto a1 = 'test1'; end

Matlab running external applications

Matlab running external applications When create a program with Matlab, in some condition we need Matlab running external applications. You can implement this method in Linux or Windows Operating System.  The method Matlab running external applications is simple. Example, we want to call gedit/notepad application. So, we can use type this text in command line