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The Mining Monitor support pool. If you have another request related this pool, please leave at comments or send to our email related your request.

Add a New Wallet

Click button PLUS at top right of the application. Fill the parameter.

ZPool add a new wallet
ZPool add a new wallet. (1). Select Pool (2). Select Coin (3). Give wallet name (optional) (4). Wallet input (5). Cheked for auto update (6). Submit to create a new wallet

We don’t need to change coin name in the parameter. Because the coin unit will automatic detection from the API pool.

We can create other wallet from this application with same steps. This is the result after we finished created a new wallet. ZPool support wallet with many of coins type. The application will not show coin image when that coin image not available in the app. Please check image below for this information.

ZPool wallet list
Zpool Wallet List With Auto Coin Type.

Show Wallet Contents

We can click one of our wallet to show the details data from that selected wallet. The first data shown when we click that wallet related our general data (hashrate, balance, chart data, reward estimated and next estimate payout time)

ZPool Wallet Contents
ZPool Wallet Contents
We can get all information from web pool in this application. We have added estimate payout from the wallet using current/average hashrate. You can change this from the application settings.
If you check at zpool wallet dashboard, sometimes your machine mining multiple algorithm. We can change chart by algorithm  by click ALGO tab. Please check image below
ZPool Change Algorithm
ZPool Change Algorithm

We use different algorithm to show miner balance chart. The original web pool show all balance in all time. The app show difference balance in time. We think this chart will show more information when our balance changed and how much reward we get.

ZPool Balance Chart
(A). Balance chart from web pool (B). App balance using difference balance

Worker Lists

Open worker list tab from the application to show list of worker in our wallet.

ZPool Worker List
ZPool Worker List

Payments History

We can show the payment history from our wallets. Select payment tab from the application. We can open our transaction directly to the explorer coin web by click TxHash column.

ZPool Payment History
ZPool Payment History

Network and Pool Information

Select Network tab from the application to show all information related with general network and pool information. This tab only show the first algorithm selected information related with pool hashrate and total miner in this algorithm.

ZPool Pool Information
ZPool Pool Information


The supported in our Mining Monitor application. If you have another request (features, add a new coin, etc) in our application, please send email to us related your request. If you have sample wallet for the testing, that is very help us to debug the data.


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