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Python Run External Program

When create a program with Python, we can use a script Python Run External Program. We can use this script in command line or in program. Before we can use a command to Python run external program, we must import class in python which handle this command. We can use import os class in our

Python Write Binary File

Continue with my last posting about python read binary file, Now I want to create a posting about how python write binary file. Write binary file in python is like reading file. But, we must modifed about ‘r’ parameter with ‘w’ parameter. This is a sample code how python write binary file code : #

Python Read Binary File

This day I have a problem to create Python read binary file. I have a binary file and want to create ptyhon to read binary file. Reading binary file with python is very simple. We can use ‘open’ function and adding parameter ‘b’ if we wanto to python read binary file. This is a simple