Convert RSF Madagascar to SEG-Y/SU File

Madagascar is an open-source software package for multidimensional data analysis and reproducible computational experiments. I get many of new program in Madagascar source code. Madagascar is free open source seismic software like Seismic Unix or Seplib. You can get tutorial about how to use command in Madagascar at here. In my opinion, command in Madagascar is more difficult than Seismic Unix. My first problem when use Madagascar is how to convert RSF to SEG-Y/SU file  and vice verca.

This is method how to convert from SEG-Y/SU file to RSF file :

sfsegyread < plane.segy tfile=tfile.rsf  hfile=hfile bfile=bfile endian=0 > plane.rsf

sfsuread < tfile=tfile.rsf endian=0 > plane.rsf

To convert files back from RSF to SEG-Y or SU, use the sfsegywrite program and reverse the input and output:

sfsuwrite > tfile=tfile.rsf endian=0 < plane.rsf

sfsegywrite > plane.segy tfile=tfile.rsf  hfile=hfile bfile=bfile endian=0 < plane.rsf

But the problem is when we dont have tfile(header trace) input file. So, we must create this file first. Use this command :

sfheadermath < plane.rsf output=N+1 | sfdd type=int > tracl.rsf
sfsegyheader < plane.rsf tracl=tracl.rsf > tfile.rsf
sfsegywrite  < plane.rsf tfile=tfile.rsf > plane.segy

If we have Seismic Unix installed in my computer, we can convert rsf data to ascii, export ascii data to binary,  and convert binary data to SU format. I think this method is more simple than above code. This is command how to convert RSF Madagascar to SEG-Y/SU command :

sfdisfil <plane.rsf number=n col=1 |a2b n1=1 >tmp1

suaddhead<tmp1 ns= >

You can get or download sigsbee data from madagascar at here and all sample data at here.

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