Matlab fix Function to C

I get function fix in Matlab. fix(X) rounds the elements of X to the nearest integers towards zero. For example if we have data with value :

X = [-1.9, -0.2, 3.4, 5.6, 7.0]

When we use fix function with this data, so we get output :

Y = [1.0000        0             3.0000        5.0000 7.0000]

I try to create C function to convert this fix Matlab function. This my C code to convert fix Maltab function :

int fix(float A)
	int sign;
	int fout, out;

	sign = A<0 ? -1:1;
	fout = abs(A);
	out = floor(A) * sign;

	return (out);

float abs(float x)
		return x;

This is my simple code to convert fix function Matlab to C.

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