Install openmotif in Ubuntu

I get error when install seismic unix in Ubuntu, because I dont get file Xm/Xm.h. We can solve this problem by install openmotif in Ubuntu. But, I have problem when try to get Openmotif installer in Ubuntu.
I try to use command sudo apt-cache search openmotif, but I can not get openmotif installer in Ubuntu.

After searching and try to install Openmotif in Ubuntu, I get how to solve this problem. Openmotif in Ubuntu given name by libmotif3. So, if you want to search Openmotif installer in Ubuntu, you can search by command :
sudo apt-cache search libmotif

This is my output from this command :
libmotif-dev – Open Motif – development files
libmotif3 – Open Motif – shared libraries

So, we can install Openmotif and Openmotif header in Ubuntu with command :
sudo apt-get install libmotif-dev libmotif3

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