Android show alert window with button

I am learn about android programming in my free time. I am planned to create a simple alert window with a button. We can use AlertDialog class to create android alert window in Android. The sample output using this class as like picture below.

Android_alert_windowI have created a simple function how to create Android alert window using AlertDialog class. Please check this subroutine :

private void showAlertOk(String strtitle, String strtext, String strbutton)
	AlertDialog.Builder builder = new AlertDialog.Builder(formQuestions.this);
	builder.setPositiveButton(strbutton, new DialogInterface.OnClickListener()
		public void onClick(DialogInterface dialog, int which)
			//add our code in here

We can give parameter to this Android alert window subroutine to give same result like picture above using command :

showAlertOk("Information", "Please select the right answer", "Close")

I hope this simple subroutine can give you more explaining about how to create alert window in Android.

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