Matlab Data Precision Problem

I have created a simple computation using Matlab using command :

>> (0.1450-0.002)/0.002
ans =

Nothing wrong with the result. But, try to change data precision format and try to retype command above. we will get Matlab data precision problem from this simple computation.

>> format long
>> (0.1450-0.002)/0.002
ans =

We get the wrong result. I hope can get 71.5000 from above command. This precision can be bigger problem if we use the result to create a variable for next computation like below :

>> format long
>> ndata = round((0.1450-0.002)/0.002)
ndata =

Manual computation will get result 72.

I dont know why Matlab can not solve this simple computation with the right precision (Matlab Data Precision Problem).  Sometime, we need to add a variable like 0.5 to get the right result.

I am testing this computation using Matlab 2013a and Matlab 2015a ad still get the same result (Matlab data precision problem). I hope Matlab can solve this problem in the next release.

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