SegyMerge is my first software released to the public. SegyMerge is a program to merge SEG-Y seismic data file. I have some of experienced related with SeismicĀ  Data Format (SEG-B, SEG-D, SEG-Y). My previous project created a remastering seismic data software. I get many of information related with SEG-Y data format when created this project.

I have created this software (SegyMerge) because still not yet get software like this feature. So, i am create this software (SegyMerge) in my free time. I use C/C++ (Qt) to create this software. Because, this language can cross-platform (the source code can compiled in multi Operating System).

The main feature from my SegyMerge :

I know this software is far from perfect. So, I need your help to make this software better. You can send request or message if have request or met bugs from this software.

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