Install Seplib Seismic Processing

SEPlib is an open-source software package for seismic data processing developed at the Stanford Exploration Project. We can download seplib at When I checked at this URL, I get new version of seplib is seplib-6.5.3. I get new seplib-7.0.4 when ask how to install seplib to Bob, so you can download seplib-7.04 at this address.

I use Linux 32bit Centos 5.5 in my computer. This is method how to install seplib seismic processing at your computer.

  1. Install fortran 90 compiler. You can search at google to get this compiler. I try to use gfortran to compile seplib but fail. Try to use Intel Fortran Compiler.
  2. Add your Intel Fortran Bin directory to your home path. Edit /home/your_user/.bashrc, add this text at bottom of this file : export PATH=$PATH:/your_Intel_Fortran_Compiler_installed/bin.
  3. Extract your seplib source. Use command : tar zxvf seplib-7.0.4.tar.gz
  4. Open your seplib extracted directory. Use command : cd seplib-7.0.4
  5. Export your fortran variable. Use command : export FC=ifort
  6. If you want to use fftw library, add FFTW_FCLD linking flags. Use Command (example: in my computer, libfftw3 library installed at location /usr/lib) : export FFTW_FCLD=”-L/usr/lib -lfftw3f”. Read this page to install fftw3-3.2.2 in your Centos system operation.
  7. Configure code. This is an example how to configure seplib with Seismic Unix, fftw support and install seplib in /opt/seplib directory : ./configure –prefix=/opt/seplib –with-su=/home/toto/ProgramFiles/ –with-fftw
  8. make
  9. make install
  10. Add your seplib bin directory to your user path. Edit /home/your_user/.bashrc, add this text at bottom of this file : export PATH=$PATH:/your_seplib_installation/bin.

You can get more configuration how to install seplib seismic processing at this site or read your INSTALL file at your seplib extracted directory.

Note :

When you running your code and get error : Error reading .datapath file, this is because you dont set your DATAPATH. edit your .bashrc configuration file and add text : export DATAPATH=/home/your_username. Dont forget to create an empty file .datapath at your DATAPATH directory.

If you get this error : FFT5D.f90:162: undefined reference to `sfftw_plan_dft_’ or error information you must  configure with fftw to run this program, This is because you dont add export FFTW_FCLD when configure your seplib code. If you get any other question about how to install seplib code, you can ask to seplib support at email Bob is a nice person, so dont hesitate to contact him.

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