Seismic Unix Can’t Open SU File

Seismic Unix (SU) is a free software seismic processing. SU is not a replacement for commercial seismic packages. Commercial seismic software packages are industrial-strength utilities designed for the express purpose of production-level seismic processing.

A problem when use data in SU format is compatibility with other SU format in other computer. For example. We compile SU code at Computer I and Computer II. When we create SU file at Computer I, we can not open that file at Computer II. This is because swapping data. I try to open two that SU file with hex editor and I get this this information.

File I  : A4 85 15 3F 7C 83 DE 3E 85 E8 8B 3E 50 33 D5 3D 35 80 8C BD
File II : 3F 15 85 A4 3E DE 83 7C 3E 8B E8 85 3D D5 33 50 BD 8C 80 30

When we try to open File I at Computer II, we can get error message :

fgettr.c: on trace #1, number of samples in header (0) differs from number for first trace (0)

We must swapping File I at Computer II so we can use File I at Computer II. Use this command to solve that problem :

suswapbytes < format=0 ns=753 >

You must know the number of sample from File I to swapping that data.


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