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Qt : Create SplashScreen

Qt : Create SplashScreen This is a simple tutorial how Qt : Create SplashScreen. A splash screen is an image that appears while a game or program is loading. It may also be used to describe an introduction page on a website. Splash screens cover the entire screen or simply a rectangle near the center

C/C++ : SEGY Merge

C/C++ : SEGY Merge In my last post, I am create a method how to merge SEGY with cat and dd command. Now, I am create a C/C++ SEGY merge code. This is the main C/C++ : SEGY Merge code : void usage() { printf("\nSEGY_MERGE \n"); printf("by toto (\n\n"); printf("segy_merge segy1 segy2 segy3 ... segyn

Qt : Convert QString to char

Qt : Convert QString to char QString have very much feature compared with char data type. But, in some of conditions, we need to Qt : convert QString to char datatype. This is a sample function how Qt : Convert QString to char datatype : const char *QString2char(QString str) { QByteArray byteArray; const char *cstr;