C/C++ : Adding Searching Include Directory

I have compiled a source code (Opendtect) using CMake. When I compile this program, the required include directory is not exist in the C/C++ searching path. Modified the Makefile is very hard, because this is the other people code. We can copy all the include library to default C/C++ include directory (/usr/include). But, I dont [...]

Matlab make axes invisible

I have created a simple GUI using GUIDE Matlab. My gui have an axes toolbox. I want to hidden this toolbox when the first time program running. I have set the property using command : set(handles.axes1,’visible’,'off’); But, the axes toolbox still showed. This code success when applied in other toolbox (panel, edittext, etc). After searching, [...]

setting eclipse cdt

I have try to open opencv example in the eclipse. When I opened the editor, I get many of error from eclipse editor. I use ubuntu 12.04. You can modified the path location with your OS. This is steps how to this error. Symbol ‘iostream’ could not be resolved. The simple method is using locate [...]

Qt Compile in Release Mode

When try to running my Qt execution program, I have error message like “the program can’t start because QtCored4.dll is missing…” The Qt file with  “…d..” is a debug file requirement. This error showed, because we compile our code in Debug mode. We need to change our *.pro file to make Qt Compile in Release [...]