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SegyMerge is a free software used to merge multiple of SEG-Y files. The program accepting multiple input of SEG-Y files with different properties (endian, format, dt, nsp) and automatically grouping the files. SegyMerge can created multiple of SEG-Y output file.

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GUI program to convert Python code to binary (exe) file. This program created using PyQt (GUI) and PyInstaller (convert python code to binary). Try this simple GUI program to convert your Python code to binary (exe) with one click

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Belajar Matematika SD

Aplikasi Mobile Belajar Matematika untuk anak Sekolah Dasar dengan jumlah soal sangat banyak (tidak terbatas) yang dilengkapi dengan kunci jawaban dan langkah-langkah untuk menyelesaikan soal tersebut sehingga diperolah jawaban yang benar.

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Button Android text automatic forced ...

I have created a simple button in Android and set a Text to this button. But, I get result all text in my Button become All Capitals. Solve this problem (Button Android text automatic forced to All Caps) is very simple. We can set “setTransformationMethod” to ignore automatic convert our text in Android Button become […]

Android show alert window with button

I am learn about android programming in my free time. I am planned to create a simple alert window with a button. We can use AlertDialog class to create android alert window in Android. The sample output using this class as like picture below. I have created a simple function how to create Android alert […]

lapack sgetrs tutorial

I have a problem to solving system linear equation Ax=b using lapack. I am planned to use sgetrs subroutine in lapack to solving system linear equation Ax=b. sgetrs descriptions is a subroutine to Solves a system of linear equations with an LU-factored square coefficient matrix, with multiple right-hand sides. So, we need to process our […]

gausswin source code

I want to create gaussian window program in C/C++. I have checked at Matlab and they give gausswin function to create gaussian window. I have checked gausswin Matlab source code and convert that code to C/C++. The coefficients of a Gaussian window are computed from the following equation: where –(N – 1)/2 ≤ n ≤ (N – 1)/2 and α is inversely proportional […]


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