C/C++ : Get Current Time

Using Matlab, we can get the current date and time using “now” command.  Example, using Matlab  we can use below command : >> datestr(now,’dd-mm-yyyy HH:MM:SS.FFF’) ans = 21-10-2014 13:41:58.666 How if we want to get current time using C/C++ with the result like Matlab ? We can use “localtime” to get date and time in [...]

Eclipse Solve Ctrl Space Auto Complete Not Working

I have installed Eclipse Editor in Virtual Machine. But, when I try to use Auto Complete method  by press Ctrl Space keyboard button, that method not working. I dont have this problem in my other installed Eclipse (Windows version and non Virtual Machine Version). This problem related with the button shortcut (Ctrl Space)  has been [...]

VBoxGuest has no member named ‘numa_next_reset’

I am use VirtualBox version 4.3.12. I have download Centos 7 and install this Linux in this VirtualBox version. When try to install VBoxGuest, I get error message : error: ‘struct mm_struct’ has no member named ‘numa_next_reset’ This is steps how to remove this error message. So, we can install VBoxGuest in Centos 7. 1. [...]

C/C++ : Adding Searching Include Directory

I have compiled a source code (Opendtect) using CMake. When I compile this program, the required include directory is not exist in the C/C++ searching path. Modified the Makefile is very hard, because this is the other people code. We can copy all the include library to default C/C++ include directory (/usr/include). But, I dont [...]