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SegyMerge is a free software used to merge multiple of SEG-Y files (Big and Little Endian). The program accepting multiple input of SEG-Y files with different properties (endian, format, dt, and nsp). Automatically grouping the files by that properties and created multiple of SEG-Y output file.

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Py2Binary is a GUI program to convert Python code to binary (exe) file. This program created using PyQt (GUI) and PyInstaller (convert python code to binary). This program is cross platform (Windows, Linux and MAC). Try this simple GUI program to convert your Python code to binary (exe) with one click

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Belajar Matematika SD

Aplikasi Mobile Belajar Matematika untuk anak Sekolah Dasar dengan jumlah soal sangat banyak (tidak terbatas) yang dilengkapi dengan kunci jawaban dan langkah-langkah untuk menyelesaikan soal tersebut sehingga diperolah jawaban yang benar.

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Error when trying to access XAMPP fro...

I have use XAMPP for my local webserver. When I try to open phpmyadmin from other computer (network), I get this error :

This is related with default “httpd-xampp.conf” config to allow access from local server. We can remove this error and open XAMPP phpmyadmin from network with some of modified in “httpd-xampp.conf”. This […]

Android Sent Text To JavaScript

While developing Android application, sometimes we need to use webview and want our android (java code) communicate with html in webview. We can use javascript to communicate between java to html and vice versa. Dont forget to setting javascript enabled in our webview to true. Please check code below to check how Android sent text […]

Java Prevent BoxLayout From Expanding...

I have created design GUI using java by programmatically. I want to add some of JPanel to my JFrame (mainwindow). I set JFrame layout using BoxLayout. I am use BoxLayout because want the children resize only width. But, when I resize the mainwindow (JFrame), children width and height is resized. BoxLayout expanding all children width […]

Matlab MEX create struct data type

I want creating MEX function in C/C++ and return struct data type to Matlab. This code can create struct data type with some of variable have int, double, string and matrix (array) data type. We need to use “mxCreateStructArray” matlab function to create struct data in C/C++ and return that struct data type to Matlab. […]


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