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Mac10.9 install libxml

When I try to install libxml in my Mac10.9 using pip or easy_install, I get error like below :

I have solved (clang: error: unknown argument: ‘-mno-fused-madd’) this method by type this text in our console :

install libxml using command :

I hope this steps can  help you how to install […]

Python : Convert IEEE to IBM Floating...

Python : Convert IEEE to IBM Floating Point When creating code to read a SEG-Y file, I get the IEEE and IBM Floating Point format data. IBM floating point numbers are represented by one bit for the sign (S), 7 bits for the exponent, and 24 bits for the fraction.  The exponent is to the […]

Python struct integer overflow maskin...

When create a script with Python, I get warning message Python struct integer overflow masking is deprecated. My script running well, but I dont like this warning and want to remove this. This is my simple code with Python struct integer overflow masking is deprecated warning message :

My script Python use  struct module […]

Python List Files in Directory

When I create a program with Python to read multiple file in directory, I get problem how Python list file in directory. After searching at Python documentation, I get documentation how Python implementated list file in directory. We can use module os (import os) to Python List Files in Directory. This module provides a portable […]


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