Mining Monitor Release Notes And Bugs Report

Mining Monitor Application

This is NOT the best application. But, we try to make the best application we can do for everyone. If you have any questions, bugs, requests, etc related to the application. Please let us know before giving a bad rating.

Leave your comments below or send an email to related your request/questions. We try to answer as quickly as possible. Hope we can make this application better together. Thank you very much.

User Request :

+ Create summary from all user wallet
+ add woolypooly with conflux support
+ Add
+ Add
+ add binance pools (need more request related this pool)
+ Add mining pool hub. (Need some research related this pool)
+ Add mining (Need some research related this pool)
+ Add mining (Need some research related this pool)
+ add (Problem : we don’t have testing wallets from this pool)
+ add (Problem : we don’t have testing wallets from this pool)
Reported Bugs :
+ 2miners flux chart not shown

Release Notes :

Release 34 (Sept 17, 2021)
+ fix bugs 2miner minimum payouts (ETH and ERGO)
+ add workers page sorting by name, hashrate, valid/stale/invalid
+ add gpumine (ETH)
Release 33 (Sept 11, 2021)
This update related for the FREE user. If you a PRO user, you can ignore this update.
We have limit full screen ads for free user every 10 MINUTES.
We hate this ads type. But, we need to cover server and development cost.
So, we use this ads. Hope this update can make the free user not distrubed with ads.
If you like this application, please support us by upgrade to PRO version. Thank you
Release 32 (Sept 09, 2021)
+ Update 2miners chart API (They update the API from Sept 8, 2021. So, some of coin don't hasrate not shown)
+ Add Ergo to Ethermine (ERG)
+ Update CHIA unit to iB
Release 31 (Sept 07, 2021)
+ Add Pool.Space XCH (Chia)
+ Add RavenMiner RVN (Raven)
+ Set notif range hashrate drop % from 0 to 100
Release 30 (August 31, 2021)
+ Update flexpool ETH new API
+ Add flexpool XCH (Chia)
+ Add heropool CCX (Conceal)
+ Set chart legend text color to black in phone dark mode
+ Reupdate widget when wallet opened
+ View landscape support
Release 29 (August 13, 2021):
+ Fix bugs 2miners chart
+ Add widget support (PRO user only)
+ Fix minor bugs
Release 28 (August 09, 2021):
+ Update 2Miners ERGO and ETH hashrate chart
+ add setting hashrate reference current/reported
+ get coin and currency from local server
+ add menu bugs report
Release 27 (July 29, 2021):
+ Add ERGO to 2Miners Pool/SOLO
+ Show list of workers sorting by names
+ Add ethermine payout computation starting from August 5
+ Add Leafpool (ERGO)
+ Fix crash application when starting running service
+ Fix bugs progressbar closed when miner data not yet show all
+ Fix bugs rplant pool coin reward computation
+ Set fullscreen ads limit show with [10 to 13] event with an ads.
I don't like this ads type too, but we need to pay server and development cost.
If you dont like it, try to upgrade to PRO version for lifetime or use the POOL WEBSITE from browser for free.
Release 26 (July 20, 2021):
+ Add woolypooly pool (AION, CTXC, ERGO, ETC, ETH, FLUX, RVN, VEIL)
+ Add ArowanaCoin (ARWN) coin to Rplant pool
+ Add Coin and BTC charting rewards at network and pool page related with miner hashrate.
+ Fix bug when reading data from
+ Update maximum time duration to prevent timeout connection


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