Android Mining Monitor Application


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Support Multiple Wallets

The application support multiple pools and wallets. Add your favorite mining wallet to the Mining Monitor Application. The application will show all information related that wallet for you. So, you don’t need to check your wallet to pools one by one.

Mining Monitor List Wallet
Mining Monitor Show Detail Worker

Show Your Miner Details

Get your details miner information from the Mining Monitor Application. You can show your miner hashrates chart, estimate payment date, total worker, estimate your coin reward, etc.

Show Your All Workers

Display your all workers information from the Mining Monitor Application. Get the information when your worker died or hashrate drop

Mining Monitor List Worker

Get Your Payouts History

Get your payouts history from the Mining Monitor Application. You can check your transaction explorer by click your TxHash code from the application.

Have Idea ?

This is NOT the best application. But, we try to make the best application we can do. If you have any questions, bugs, requests, etc related to the application. Please let us know before giving a bad rating.

Please leave comments at Mining Monitor Request Page or send email to related your request/questions. We try to answer as quickly as possible.

Hope we can make this application better together