Cubic Spline CSplineA

Spline is a sufficiently smooth polynomial function that is piecewise-defined, and possesses a high degree of smoothness at the places where the polynomial pieces connect (wikipedia). There is some of method to get Spline graphics. The most commonly used splines are cubic spline, B-Spline, Spline interpolation, etc.

I get one of cubic spline method with name Cubic Spline CSplineA method. I get this method from excel VBA file. This is a free software, so you can get the complete Excel computation file for this Cubic Spline CSplineA method. I have success to convert this excel VBA file to C#. So, you can merge this code if you want to use this code in your program.

This is the complete code for Cubic Spline CSplineA code in C# :

If you want to get the complete excel file for this program, you can get the complete excel file at here :

You can get the demo about output from this Cubic Spline CSplineA at here :

If you have a question about this Cubic Spline CSplineA code above, please send question to me.


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