Centos 6.3 install vlc2

I have try to install vlc2 Centos 6.3. But, the default vlc is vlc1. I have try search on the internet about how to install vlc2 in centos6.3, but dont get the simple method to do this. So, I am try to get the repo with support vlc2 for centos.

The simple method how to install vlc2 in centos6.3 is add new repo from linuxtech. I get this method from here. Create the repository config file /etc/yum.repos.d/linuxtech.repo:


The final steps is install vlc2 in centos6.3 with command :

yum install vlc-core.x86_64 vlc-plugin-jack.x86_64 vlc-extras.x86_64

After the installation finished, you will get vlc2.4 in your Centos6.3

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