C/C++ Ricker Wavelets Code

Ricker Wavelets are zero-phase wavelets with a central peak and two smaller side lobes. A Ricker Wavelets can be uniquely specified with only a single parameter “f”. It’s peak frequency as seen on the wavelet spectrum. Ricker Wavelets Equation is :

After searching in internet, I get Matlab code for this Ricker Wavelets and convert that Ricker Wavelets to C code. This is my C/C++ Ricker Wavelets Code (save code as rickerwavelets.c) :

Compile this C/C++ Ricker Wavelets code with command :

gcc rickerwavelets.c -lm -o rickerwavelets

Running this program with command :

rickerwavelets fpeak_value dt_value¬† –> example : rickerwavelets 1.0 0.05

This is sample output data from Ricker Wavelet Code and plot data in Matlab:

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