Linux Burning nrg File

How Linux Burning nrg file? A nrg file is a proprietary CD image file format used by Nero Burning ROM, a utility suite made by Nero AG, to create and burn ISO 9660 CD images. In Linux (I use Ubuntu 10.04), I use Brasero Disc Burner to burn image file (iso) to CD/DVD. The problem is when I have a nrg file. I can not burn this nrg file because Brasero Disc Burner not support nrg file. I try to searching free Linux burning nrg file but can not get that. The simple method to solve Linux burning nrg file is convert nrg file to iso file. With that iso file, we can burning that file to CD/DVD.

I use nrg2iso freeware in Linux. Output from this software can opened with mount command. But, when I try to use other linux tool to Open this iso file, I get error message (I use VirtualBox open iso file). From this error I get information that header iso file from command nrg2iso is not consistent/corupt. I dont know why output from command nrg2iso is corrupt, but I try to search other method to convert that nrg file to iso file.

Other software to convert nrg to iso in Linux is iat. We can donwload this software at Get that software name with your Linux distribution and install that. We can use command :

iat input.nrg output.iso

to convert nrg to iso file. From this iso file, we can burning to CD/DVD. In other method, you can try to install trial nero in Linux (visit nero burning room website). This is a simple method how Linux burning nrg file. If you get other method how Linux burning nrg file, please share 🙂

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