gausswin source code

I want to create gaussian window program in C/C++. I have checked at Matlab and they give gausswin function to create gaussian window. I have checked gausswin Matlab source code and convert that code to C/C++.

The coefficients of a Gaussian window are computed from the following equation:

gaussian_window_equationwhere –(N – 1)/2 ≤ n ≤ (N – 1)/2 and α is inversely proportional to the standard deviation, σ, of a Gaussian random variable. The exact correspondence with the standard deviation of a Gaussian probability density function is σ = (N – 1)/(2α).

Below is gaussian window code converted from Matlab to C/C++:

Compile this gausswin.c (gaussian window source code) using command :

Show gaussian window program manual using command :

Sample command how to run gaussian window program

I have compare the result from my gaussian window program and show same result compared with gausswin Matlab.

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