Matlab Data Precision Problem

I have created a simple computation using Matlab using command :

Nothing wrong with the result. But, try to change data precision format and try to retype command above. we will get Matlab data precision problem from this simple computation.

We get the wrong result. I hope can get 71.5000 from above command. This precision can be bigger problem if we use the result to create a variable for next computation like below :

Manual computation will get result 72.

I dont know why Matlab can not solve this simple computation with the right precision (Matlab Data Precision Problem).  Sometime, we need to add a variable like 0.5 to get the right result.

I am testing this computation using Matlab 2013a and Matlab 2015a ad still get the same result (Matlab data precision problem). I hope Matlab can solve this problem in the next release.

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