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Error when trying to access XAMPP from a network

I have use XAMPP for my local webserver. When I try to open phpmyadmin from other computer (network), I get this error :

This is related with default “httpd-xampp.conf” config to allow access from local server. We can remove this error and open XAMPP phpmyadmin from network with some of modified in “httpd-xampp.conf”. This is steps how to access XAMPP phpmyadmin from network :
1. Stop Apache and Mysql from XAMPP Control Panel
2. Open “httpd-xampp.conf” from button “config” in XAMPP Control Panel
3. Search “<Directory “C:/xampp/phpMyAdmin”>”. I am use windows. So, that is how look phpmyadmin in my XAMPP config. This is original contents of “phpmyadmin tag”

This is after modified :

4. Save file and Start Apache and Mysql again.

Using this method, I can open XAMMP phpmyadmin from network.

source :

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