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Bless, Best Hex Editor Linux

I have problem when try to open big file (file with size 6Gb or more) in hex mode with hex editor in linux (I use okteta, hex editor, etc). Because this program will read file in memory so program will freeze when try to load this file. But my problem solve when I use bless

linux install gnome-dekstop error keyword “msgctxt”

I use Linux Centos 5.3 at my computer. I try to install gnome-dekstop-2.30.0.tar.bz2 at my system. To install this source, I use steps: Ekstract source, I use command:  tar jxvf gnome-desktop-2.30.0.tar.bz2 cd  gnome-desktop-2.30.0 configure source, I use command : ./configure –prefix=/opt/gnome/ make I get error message when executed make command. bn.po:174: keyword "msgctxt" unknown bn.po:174:8:

Linux error su: incorrect password

After backup directory /bin to my home with command : cp -rf /bin /home/toto I try to restore that directory with command : cp -rf /home/toto/bin / But when I try to use su (super user command) from konsole, I get error message su: incorrect password. The problem is that “su” has to be suid

C/C++ Copy Array

For Indonesian version visit  my blog at When we create array in C/C++, we can copy one array to another by looping every element array with for or while command. Besides using this command, we can use memcpy command (we can must include string.h at header of my code). This is example how to