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How To Download Android SDK For Offli...

How To Download Android SDK For Offline Installation I use SDK Manager.exe (Windows) and android_dir/tool/android (Linux) when download android SDK from android repository. But, the problem are my connection is slow and I can not resume when the last download is not complete. So, I am try to solve this problem with create list of […]

Free Plot Library

Free Plot Library I am a .NET developer. I have some of a problem when create a chart in .NET. I get some of Free Plot Library for chart, but I am not satisfied with speed and feature for that Free Plot Library. When searching about this library, I get a free library for this […]

Virtualbox Cannot register the hardis...

Virtualbox Cannot register the hard disk I get this error when try to clonning hard disk Virtualbox. I use copy-paste method in vdi Virtualbox disk image. I try to running this clonning hard disk Virtualbox and get this Virtualbox Cannot register the hard disk error message. This is a window error message from Virtualbox : […]

Change Hostname in Windows

I am create website in my local computer (I use Windows 7) before update to website (in internet). I use Xampp as web server. By default, after we activate Xampp (use apache, php, and mysql package active), we can browse our local site by type http://localhost in my favorite browser. But this name is not […]


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