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Convert norm Matlab Function to C

When use Matlab, I have use “norm” function. I have created a simple C code to convert this norm Matlab function. Please look code below : totosugito My name is Toto Sugito. This is my notes when I try something. Maybe, this is NOT THE BEST SOLUTION for your problems. If you have other method […]

C/C++ : Convolution Source Code v.2

I have created a code to compute convolution from my previous post : C/C++ : Convolution Source Code. That code compute convolution from two vector. Matlab have parameter to get size of the ouput data from convolution process. If you check at Matlab documentation, we can set convolution process by “full”, “same” and “valid”. So, […]

C/C++ : Get List Files in Directory

I have a problem when want to get list of files in directory or get list of directory and subdirectory using C++. So, I have try to research this problem and get a simple method using dirent library. Please check below code to get list of files in directory or get list of directory and […]

C/C++ : datenum code

Matlab have a function to convert string of date to double number. This double number represent preset day from (January 0, 0000). This function name is “datenum”. I want to use this function in C/C++.  I have research this function and create a simple code how to use datenum in our C/C++ code (convert datenum […]


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