Qt : QTableWidget Tutorial

Qt : QTableWidget Tutorial

This is a basic tutorial how to create QTableWidget, create header in QTableWidget, fill QTableWidget with value and how to implement signal and slot in QTableWidget. From this tutorial, you can create a more complex code how to implement QTableWidget in your code. Please look at sample code Qt : QTableWidget Tutorial below :

From above Qt : QTableWidget tutorial above, we can create QTableWidget header with use command setHorizontalHeaderLabels ( const QStringList &labels ). Please look at Qt Documentation. I set trigger to QTableWidget with QAbstractItemView::AllEditTriggers, this trigger will accept all trigger (clicking, double clicking, etc). I adding signal cellChanged to this QTableWidget, so when user clicking or changing value from QTableWidget, program will show message.

This is a screenshot for Qt : QTableWidget tutorial :

Qt : QTableWidget Tutorial

Please compile and running this code, and you can see how to create QTableWidget also create signal and slot in your code. You can download the complete Qt : QTableWidget tutorial above in here.

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