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No More Eclipse Auto Completion

No More Eclipse Auto Completion

I have development in Eclipse and have a problem when creating a some of project. My Eclipse lost auto completion when typing code. I have searching in the forum and try a method like :

Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Editor ->Content Assist Advanced -> Restore Defaults in order to have Java Proposals checked.

but fails.

I have try at another workspace and this problem do not showed. So, I concluded this problem is because Eclipse workspace setting. This is steps how to solve the problem No More Eclipse Auto Completion :

  1. Close Eclipse program.
  2. Check your workspace location. Example the location at /data/project
  3. Please check at your workspace location and remove “.metadata” directory. Linux user must use “ls -la” to show hidden file/directory from konsole.
  4. Open workspace, select the workspace at /data/project.
  5. The eclipse will create .metadata directory. The eclipse will show empty workspace. Because we removed the last .metadata directory.
  6. Using import project to add project in the workspace.
  7. If you fails to import project, create an empty project and copy your last project to eclipse.

I have success to solve No More Eclipse Auto Completion problem. If you have other method or still have a No More Eclipse Auto Completion problem, you can share in here.

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My name is Toto Sugito. This is my notes when I try something. Maybe, this is NOT THE BEST SOLUTION for your problems. If you have other method or idea that better with my post, please share in this blog. Thank for visiting my site.

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