svn : an unversioned file of the same name already exists

I have download code from SVN using “svn checkout …..”. Because that code is too big, I am cancel the process. I am try modified the successful downloaded code and try to download the code using “svn checkout …..”. SVN will automatic resume download code, But I get the error “an unversioned file of the same name already exists“. This error showed because my last modified code.

We can solve this problem (“an unversioned file of the same name already exists“) with remove or change the output directory. But, this method will download the code from the beginning again. If we want to resume the the download code , we can add “–force” parameter in my command. So, the final command is like this :

svn –force checkout …..

note: change the point symbols with your SVN address.

I am try this method and success to resume my last SVN process.

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