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Centos install kate

Kate is my favorite editor in Linux. Because, this editor have many of feature and konsole feature. When install the Centos 6.3, I dont get this editor in my linux. I am try to use command “yum search kate“, but dont get this program. When searching over google, I get a method how Centos install kate. Kate was actually part of kdesdk in the ancient version of KDE shipped in CentOS 6. This is a command to install Kate in centos :

Source :
My name is Toto Sugito. This is my notes when I try something. Maybe, this is NOT THE BEST SOLUTION for your problems. If you have other method or idea that better with my post, please share in this blog. Thank for visiting my site.


  1. Jeebu Jacob T Jeebu Jacob T
    December 20, 2014    

    Thanks a lot, being a new user of CentOS, i was looking for some ways to install Kate

  2. Ameet Ameet
    July 10, 2015    

    It worked, Thanks

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