Mac10.9 install libxml

When I try to install libxml in my Mac10.9 using pip or easy_install, I get error like below :

I have solved (clang: error: unknown argument: ‘-mno-fused-madd’) this method by type this text in our console :

install libxml using command :

I hope this steps canĀ  help you how to install libxml in Mac10.9

Source :

Compile Java Code from Console

I have learn how to create java code last week. I am use Eclipse to create the code and interesting how to compile java code manually from console. We can get some of help how to compile java code manually by typing in console :

Example, I have java code with name : We can compile this code to *.class with command :

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2D Convolution Source Code (conv2)

I have interested with 2D convolution in Matlab. You can check at Matlab with command conv2. I want to use this function in other language (C#), but can not get the source code in matlab conv2.m files. My friend (Herlan) search in the internet and get the algorithm for 2D convolution source code. This is algorithm 2D Convolution in C#. If you need the other algorithm, you can convert this source to other language (C/C++, VB or other) without much modification.

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Matlab Change Java Version

We can get java used in Matlab by type “version -java” in Matlab command window. I have use Matlab R2013a, the java version in this Matlab version is :

This is the output after I change the default Matlab java version :

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