SegyMerge Build From Sources

Build SegyMerge GUI program

Download the source code from SegyMerge Download link. We need to download Qt Library and c++ compiler if dont have. Download Qt library from this link. If we use Linux, we can use install g++ to compile this source code. I have use mingw library to compile SegyMerge source code. You can use cygwin, visual studio c++ compiler or any c++ compiler to compile this source.

This is steps how to build SegyMerge using command line method.

  1. Extract the SegyMerge source code
  2. Open console and go to your extracted SegyMerge source code.
  3. This extracted zip file give three directory (Include, Release, and SegyMerge).
  4. Go to SegyMerge directory by command :
    cd SegyMerge
  5. type :
  6. type :

If we dont get any of error from above command, we will get file SegyMerge.exe (in windows) or SegyMerge in Mac or Linux. Try to open this file to open SegyMerge main program.

Build SegyMerge Console source code

I have created a complete posting how to compile SegyMerge console mode. Please check the steps from C Segy Merge Source.

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