New Matlab Progressbar

From my last post, I am write about how to create Matlab Progressbar using Matlab waitbar function. In this post, I want to write how to create New Matlab Progressbar with more complete feature (colour, time to finishing computation, support multi progressbar, etc). I dont create this script, but I get this script when searhing at This is some of figure from this New Matlab Progressbar script :

We can change width and height from this New Matlab Progressbar by editing file progessbar.m at line 180 to 183. Change this line and check how your New Matlab Progressbar changed.

This is a method how to implementated this New Matlab Progressbar in our code, copy this code and try to running this code from your Matlab program :

You can download New Matlab Progressbar complete source code at here. Thank to Steve Hoelzer for share this beautiful New Matlab Progressbar.

Source :

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